Fang Chemicals

About Fang Chemicals




Fang Chemicals, Inc. was founded in 1987, originally specializing in distributing chemical Bright-Dip solutions (phosphoric-nitric acid) for the aluminum anodizing industry. Today, Fang Chemicals has grown into an international chemical company specializing in distributing and marketing phosphoric acid, phosphorous acid, and other phosphorus chemicals.

Fang Chemicals is headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, USA, with sale offices established in the US, China, and Taiwan.

Fang Chemicals has also established a liquid terminal in Savannah, Georgia, USA, for receiving cargo vessels and ISO tanks. The company has acid distribution points from Savannah and Carrollton, Georgia and Houston, Texas.

As our capabilities evolve in this global economy, we're looking for committed distributors to partner with us in fulfilling the world's increasing demand for phosphoric acid and related chemicals. If your business requires a reliable supply of phosphoric acid or phosphorous acid, please contact Fang Chemicals.